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Mild Steel Milling Machine Precision Grinding Chemical Nickel Parts for Printing Equipment

Mild Steel Milling Machine Precision Grinding Chemical Nickel Parts for Printing Equipment

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Copper, Brass, Phosphor bronze, Beryllium   Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Iron, Alloy steel, Tool   steel, Tungsten carbide, HSS, Titanium, Ductile iron, etc.

Design Software

Auto CAD, CAD, CAXA, Pro/E, UG

Surface Finished

Electro-polishing, Electroless nickel   plating, Silver plating, Golden plating, Zinc plating, TIN plating, Chrome   plating, Bead Blasting, Phosphating, Turning, Heat treatment, Carburization,   Case hardening, Sand blasting, Passivate, Black Anodize, Vacuum heat treatment,   Super/low temperature treatment, steel oxidizing dark-blue etc.


Machining center, CNC, Lathe, Turning   machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine, Internal and external grinding   machine, Cylindrical grinding machine, Tapping drilling machine, Wire cutting   machine, CNC high-speed engraving machine ,Automatic   Lathe etc.

Heat Treatment            

Annealing, normalizing, tempering,   nitriding, carbonitriding, carburizing and induction hardening



Precision Machining          


1) Machine's rotating speed: 5000rpm -   30000rpm
2) Machining precision tolerance: 0.005 - 0.01mm
3) Roughness value: < Ra 0.2
4) Minimum cutting tool: 0.1mm
10 sets of precision latch machines can help us to do the diameter smaller   than 20mm(0.78inch) parts



ISO 9001:2015 – Certified

Inspection Machines

CMM, projector, universal testing machine,   surface gauge and screw gauge


Medical devices,Car parts, optical parts,   Electric sheets, Industrial, Medical, Power / Energy, Audio, etc.

Having been dedicated to precision machined parts for years, Gensun Precision Machining is equipped with many professional factories producing the most quality products for you. If you are searching for mild steel milling machine precision grinding chemical nickel parts for printing equipment, we must be your best choice. With many companies and shops spread around the world, we warmly welcome you to try our good services.

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