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Wide Range Of Metal Plate Processing

Aug 21, 2017

Metal plate processing is to forge or forge the billet, through the production of plastic deformation to obtain the required parts of a forming processing method.

Metal plate processing mainly produces a variety of high performance requirements, strong bearing capacity of the machine parts or blanks, such as machine tool spindle, gears, connecting rods and other key parts of the blanks are obtained through the forging process. Metal sheet processing methods have the following characteristics.

(1) has good mechanical properties. Because of the internal defects of forged blanks (porosity, coarse crystal, shrinkage, etc.), the microstructure is more dense and the strength is increased, Sheet Metal Fabrication but the forging streamline will make the metal exhibit the anisotropy of mechanical properties.

(2) Saving material. The forging blanks are obtained by the redistribution of the volume (non-cutting) and the mechanical properties are improved, Sheet Metal Fabrication so the materials of cutting waste and parts can be reduced.

(3) High production rate. Compared with cutting process, Sheet Metal Fabrication high productivity and low cost are suitable for mass production.

(4) A wide range of adaptation. The weight and volume range of forged parts or blanks are large.

(5) It is difficult to forge complex blanks and parts with a wide range of structural process requirements.

(6) The processing of the size of the low precision, Sheet Metal Fabrication for high-precision requirements of the parts, but also through the cutting process to meet the requirements.

The common forging methods are free forging, model forging and tyre die forging.

Sheet metal Processing The following steps: providing a metal blank; The metal billet is suppressed into a metal plate semi-finished product (300), a plurality of pits/grooves (31) and a spacer wall separating the pits/grooves (32) are arranged on one side of the semi-finished product (300) of the metal plate; extrusion the spacer Wall (32) of the semi-finished metal plate, so that the material at the spacer Wall (32) flows to the opening of the Pit/Groove (31) until the adjacent said interval Wall (32) out of the material in the pits/ A hollow metal plate (200) having a plurality of small cavities is formed by combining a groove (31) above and covering the pits/grooves. Compared with the existing technology, this application is simple in manufacturing process, low in cost, Sheet Metal Fabrication and made of hollow metal plate is integrated structure, saving materials, stable structure, high strength and wide application field.