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Suitable For Machining Analysis Of CNC Lathe

Nov 10, 2016

Most parts are made using CNC lathe. Due to the higher precision of NC lathe, faster. All will use it more in the future to a part in the processing industry, the original manually operated lathe will be compressed further living space. Here to introduce the conditions under which the use of NC lathe machining even better.

1. high precision machining. NC machine tool rigidity, precision, tool precision, convenient size compensation.

2. surface roughness of small parts. In the workpiece and tool materials, precision machining and cutting tool angles under certain conditions, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed rate.

3. outline of parts with complex shape. Any plane curve can be linear or circular arc approximation, with circular interpolation function NC machine tool, you can process all kinds of complicated contour parts

4. best for many varieties of small parts. With the gradual decline of CNC machine tool manufacturing costs now, whether domestic or foreign, processing large quantities of parts also have emerged.