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Selection Of NC Lathe And Machining Oils

Nov 10, 2016

CNC lathe and machining metal cutting needs to produce a lot of heat, and the machine spindle rotation will generate heat and wear. So we chose oil must have good lubricating effect can reduce the bearing operating temperature and extend the service life and to this end to be noted in operation: low speed, used oil, oil circulation lubrication; used in high-speed oil mist and oil-air lubrication method. However, when grease lubrication is used, spindle bearing into the usually bearing space volume of 10%, should not feel free to fill up, because too much oil would aggravate spindle fever. Oil circulation lubrication during operation used to do daily check spindle lubricant temperature tank, oil is sufficient, if the level is not enough, you should add lubricating oil; also note to check the oil temperature is appropriate.