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Processing Method Of Plastic Injection Molding

Aug 21, 2017

Plastic injection molding is one of the main processing methods of plastic products, injection molding products accounted for more than 30% of the total weight of plastic products. Plastic injection molding is a very complex process. The molten or plasticized plastic material is first injected into or pressed into the mold, and the material is retained in the mold until it is copied into the shape of the mold cavity. Plastic Injection Molding The mould can be composed of a single cavity, or it can be composed of several identical or different cavities, each a-cavity is connected with the flow channel, and the molten plastic flows into each cavity through the flow channel. The processing method is one of the most economical methods for a single variety of production, and the three main processes of plastic injection molding are:

1. Heat the plastic to a temperature that can flow under certain pressure. This process is called the plasticizing of the material (plasticized).

2. Plastic curing in the mold. The molten plastic from the injection cylinder of the injection moulding machine is fed into the mould cavity through various flow lanes, Plastic Injection Molding and finally the required workpiece is formed under the restriction of the cavity.

3. Stop heating to make the plastic curing, pressure cooling stereotypes become the required products, open the mold, Plastic Injection Molding remove the plastic parts.

Plastic injection process is a cyclical process, the entire cycle can be summed up in several major stages.

The main parameters and technological conditions of plastic injection molding process include injection pressure, mold temperature, molding cycle, Plastic Injection Molding temperature of injection plastic, flow rate of plastic in mould, melt viscosity of plastic in mould and elastic shearing stress, Plastic Injection Molding melting and flow control and process control.

The efficiency and quality of plastic injection molding depends mainly on the design of the mould. In the design of injection mold, we should first consider various process conditions commonly used in injection molding process, Plastic Injection Molding according to the existing processing and molding technology and product shape to determine the design plan