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Metal Plate Manufacturing Process Is Simple

Jun 21, 2017

Metal plate processing production

1. This is mainly due to the strength of the aluminum plate at the bend is not affected, aluminum plate color consistent;

2. Single-layer aluminum fixed stiffener, Sheet Metal Fabrication you can use the method of welding bolts, but in the welding parts of the positive are not allowed to appear traces of welding, Sheet Metal Fabrication but can not occur deformation, fade and so on, and should be welded firmly;

3. Single-layer aluminum fixed ears should meet the design requirements, fixed ear can be welded, riveting, stamping molding;

4. The corner of the opening part of the component that is not welded molding must be sealed with silicon sapphire seal. See China Stone Network.

On the aluminum-plastic composite aluminum processing has three requirements, the primary problem is the outer layer of 0.5mm aluminum plate is absolutely not allowed to be bumped, Sheet Metal Fabrication and to ensure retention of 0.3mm polyethylene plastic, followed by the application of silicone sealant seal, to ensure water Can not leak into the polyethylene plastic inside. Finally, in the process of preventing water leaching wet sheet, to ensure quality. This section shall, in addition to the four requirements for honeycomb aluminum, be processed in accordance with the requirements of the material supplier.

(300), the metal plate semi-finished product (300) having a plurality of pits / grooves (31) and (3) on the side of the metal plate semi-finished product (300), and the metal plate (32) separating the pits / trenches; extruding the partition wall (32) of the semi-finished product of the metal plate so that the material at the partition wall (32) flows to the opening of the pits / grooves (31) Until the material adjacent to said partition wall (32) is joined to said pits / grooves above said pits / grooves (31) to form a hollow metal plate having a plurality of small cavities ( 200). Sheet Metal Fabrication Compared with the prior art, the present invention has the advantages of simple manufacturing process and low cost, and the hollow metal plate is made into a single structure, which saves material, has strong structure, high strength and wide application field.