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Metal Casting Production Efficiency

Aug 10, 2017

Metal casting has many advantages.

(1) metal-type castings, the mechanical properties than sand casting high. The same alloy, the average tensile strength can be increased by about 25%, yield strength increased by about 20% on average, the corrosion resistance and hardness is also significantly improved;

(2) casting precision and surface finish than sand casting high, and the quality and size of stability;

(3) cast the process of high yield, liquid metal consumption reduced, Metal Casting generally can save 15 to 30%;

(4) do not use sand or less sand, generally can save 80 to 100% of modeling materials;

In addition, the metal casting production efficiency is high; the cause of the casting defects are reduced; the process is simple, Metal Casting easy to realize mechanization and automation.

Characteristics and Application of Metal Casting

(1) to create a variety of sizes and shapes of complex parts or rough, the contour size can be as small as a few millimeters, up to tens of meters, the quality can be as small as several grams, Metal Casting up to hundreds of tons. Shape the most simple flat, cylindrical, etc., there are complex cavity such as cylinder blocks and so on.

(2) the shape and size of the casting and machine parts can be the closest, so the cutting allowance can be minimized, which reduces the consumption of metal materials and saves processing time.

(3) adaptability, metal casting method can be a variety of metal casting alloy, for brittle metals, such as cast iron, metal casting is the only blank manufacturing methods. Metal casting is suitable for single-piece production, but also for a large number of mass production.

(4) equipment investment is small, the cost of casting is low, Metal Casting and a wide range of raw materials, low prices, metal scrap can be directly used to melt again. In addition, in most cases, Metal Casting there is no need for a huge production preparation work, the production cycle is short.

Metal casting is mainly used for the production of reducer chassis, machine bed, pump shell and triangular pulley and other products with more complex structure or the use of cast iron as the material products.