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Machining CNC Lathe Operator Discovery And Problem-solving Skills

Nov 10, 2016

See machine of work conditions poor of parts, due to NC machine processing of when, most when to spray got cooling liquid, once to flush, and cooling artifacts and tool, such has broken iron, and cutting liquid on makes part parts work conditions is poor, especially NC machine Shang turret before and after mobile of trip switch, very has may rushed in broken iron, makes its touch head of telescopic enough flexible, then we will quick, timely of cleanup

With hand touch machine of temperature, machine in run Shi, has must of temperature increased is normal of, because running process among exists friction of role, to produced heat, general situation Xia, dang machine running reached must time, on will reached hot of balance, is temperature basic keep constant, General in 50-60 degrees, if temperature on partial high has, should check lubrication whether full.