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High Productivity In Metal Casting

Oct 09, 2017

One of the process methods of metal casting, which is to fill the molten metal into the mold by cooling and solidification, so as to obtain the required size, shape and performance of the castings. The world's annual production of metal castings is shown in the table. Casting weight from a few grams to hundreds of tons, Metal Casting wall thickness from a few millimeters to a few meters, can be produced. In machine parts, the castings account for 40% of the weight.

Metal casting history in ancient times, China, India, Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome have been casting weapons, sacrificial, artwork and household utensils. Early castings were made of gold, silver, Metal Casting copper and its alloys. The Bronze Age is a glorious page in the history of human civilization; China used iron castings extensively in the Warring States Period, and its traditional technology has a long history.

Metal casting, also known as hard die casting, is a casting method by pouring liquid metal into a metal mold to obtain a casting. The mold is made of metal and can be used repeatedly (hundreds of to thousands of times). Metal casting at present can produce castings, in terms of weight and shape, Metal Casting there are some restrictions, such as the black metal can only be a simple shape of the castings, the weight of the casting is not too large, the wall thickness is also limited, the smaller casting wall thickness can not be cast.

During metal casting, the working temperature of the mold, pouring temperature and pouring speed of the alloy, the time for the casting to stay in the mold, Metal Casting and the paint used are very sensitive to the quality of the castings and need to be strictly controlled. Therefore, in determining the use of metal casting, the following factors must be considered: the shape and weight of castings must be appropriate;

Metal Casting has the following characteristics:


1, metal type can be used many times, pouring times can reach tens of thousands of without damage, so can save hours and a large number of modelling materials;

2, the metal processing precision is high, the cavity distortion is small, the cavity wall is bright and clean, therefore the casting shape is accurate, the dimensional precision is high, the surface roughness value is small;

3, metal type heat transfer rapidly, Metal Casting casting cooling speed, so small grains, good mechanical properties;

4, high productivity, no dust, working conditions have been improved.