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High Precision Metal Casting

Jun 21, 2017

Metal casting is the process of melting the metal into a casting that meets certain requirements and is poured into the mold, cooled and solidified, and has a predetermined shape, size and performance. Casting the embryo is nearly shaped, and the purpose of free machining or a small amount of processing reduces the cost and reduces the time to a certain extent. Metal Casting Casting is one of the basic processes of modern machinery manufacturing industry.

Metal casting type modeling method is customarily divided into:

① ordinary sand casting, including wet sand type, dry sand and chemical hardening sand type 3.

② special casting, according to the shape material can be divided into natural mineral gravel as the main molding materials of special casting (such as investment casting, mud casting, casting workshop shell casting, negative pressure casting, solid casting, ceramic casting Etc.) and special casting materials (such as metal casting, pressure casting, Metal Casting continuous casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc.) with metal as the main casting material.

Metal casting processes typically include:

The mold can be divided into sand type, metal type, ceramic type, mud type, graphite type, according to the number of times can be divided into one-time type, semi-permanent type And the permanent type, the merits of the preparation of the mold is the main factor affecting the quality of the casting;

② casting metal melting and casting, casting metal (casting alloy) are mainly cast iron, Metal Casting cast steel and casting nonferrous alloys;

③ Casting treatment and inspection, casting processing, including removal of core and casting surface foreign body, remove the riser, Metal Casting shovel burr and pecking and other protrusions and heat treatment, plastic surgery, rust treatment and rough processing.

Metal casting has the following characteristics:


1, metal type can be used many times, pouring up to tens of thousands of times without damage, it can save man-hours and a lot of modeling materials;

2, metal-type processing of high precision, cavity deformation is small, Metal Casting cavity wall smooth, so the casting shape accurate, high dimensional accuracy, surface roughness value is small;

3, metal heat transfer quickly, casting cooling speed, Metal Casting and thus fine grain, good mechanical properties;

4, high productivity, no dust, improved working conditions.