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CNC Lathe Processing On Material Requirements

Nov 10, 2016

Current basic parts are precision CNC lathe. In the machining industry, had occupied the absolute market. But not so material parts are produced on CNC lathe I can use. CNC lathe machining of parts of the material is limited. If out of range can damage the lathe. In particular hardness of the material is easy to machine breakdown. Here we introduce you to NC lathe processing on material requirements.

1. the first is the requirement of material hardness: parts of the material must be more than a notch lower than the hardness of the lathe. Otherwise there will be a collapse of lathe.

2. Secondly, moderate hardness materials, at least to a level lower than the mechanical hardness, and also depends on the processing of devices is what to do with, proper selection of the parts.

In short, numerical control lathe machining requirements for materials there are. The information is too soft or too hard, the former is not necessary for processing, while the latter is unable to process.