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CNC Lathe And Machining Business Development Trends

Nov 10, 2016

With 30 years of development, our machining and CNC lathe processing enterprises in technology, facilities and so on have been a qualitative leap. However, China is in an important period of economic transformation, machining, CNC lathe processing industry will upgrade again. Here we discuss about the future development trend of numerical control lathe machining industry: to promote technology development capabilities and technological upgrading in order to achieve the upgrading of the industry. Enhance the ability of independent innovation, accelerate the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay, the combination of technological innovation system.

2.specify more precise CNC lathe technical standards.

3.cultivate excellent leading enterprises, enhance the standard of the industry, enterprises can compete in the international market to get more advantages. In the process, to eliminate high energy consumption, high pollution businesses.

4.encourage enterprises carrying out quality management, establishment of a high level of equipped with Advanced instrumentation laboratory, and for daily quality control. Five to expand brand awareness in the international market, strive for more Chinese-made products to enter foreign-market and boost domestic share of high-end products.