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China Machining, CNC Lathe Machining Technology

Nov 10, 2016

At some time before parts machining and CNC lathe in the development stages, but the main bottleneck lies in technology, equipment and accuracy needs to be improved. After domestic enterprises to invest in the products developed, has made great achievements. At present, our production level is already close to or even reach the world advanced level. Especially in the introduction of advanced CNC lathe, precision tool holders, precision measuring instruments and equipment has been upgraded to the advanced level of the world. And after a long period of accumulation and development of domestic technologies have been fully developed.

Although we achieved gratifying results in every respect. Production processing and CNC metal upgrade parts overall competitiveness, in addition to the above, there is yet much to be done. Long way to go, looking for companies in the pursuit of profit at the same time, don't forget to continue to improve and upgrade our comprehensive national strength.