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Automation Of Plastic Injection Molding

Aug 31, 2017

Plastic injection molding Its principle is to add granular or powdered raw materials into the hopper of the injection machine, the raw material is heated and melted into a flow state, in the injection machine screw or piston driven, through the nozzle and mold gating system into the mold cavity, Plastic Injection Molding in the mold cavity hardened stereotypes.

Quality factors: Injection pressure, injection time, injection temperature

Plastic Injection Molding Advantages:

1. Short molding cycle, high production efficiency, Plastic Injection Molding easy to realize automation

2, can shape complex, precise size, with metal or non-metallic inserts plastic parts

3. Stable product quality

4. Wide range of adaptation

Plastic injection molding in industrial products, injection molding products are: Kitchen supplies (garbage cans, bowls, buckets, pots, tableware and various containers), Plastic Injection Molding electrical equipment shell (hair dryer, vacuum cleaners, food mixers, etc.), toys and games, the automotive industry, a variety of products, Plastic Injection Molding many other parts of the product.

Plastic Injection Molding Process:

Plastic injection molding in the inlay molding process, the injection molding machine is usually only a part of the entire system. Inserts usually require orientation first, and you can use the Shaker to accomplish this task. The inserts are then placed into the mold by the end tool of the mechanical arm (eoat), Plastic Injection Molding usually with a predetermined bit device. After the end of the finished product phase, the ejection positioning is the most important step, the repeatability of the injection molding machine is very important here. The inserts are fixed in a vacuum state or mechanically fixed (such as a slider) after being locked in the mold. While inserting inserts, Plastic Injection Molding the last finished piece is topped out.

Plastic injection Molding process is one of the most important technology in plastic processing, for pet plastic bottles, in most cases, plastic packaging factory will use blow molding process.