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Aluminum Profile Equipment To Increase Extrusion Speed

Jul 18, 2017

Aluminum profile equipment Processing aluminum profiles need what equipment and extruder what relationship, seemingly two problems, in fact, their relationship is a kind of aluminum products around the processing equipment, what is the relationship? Xiao Bian today to discuss the details.

What equipment is required for aluminum profile processing aluminum profiles?

First of all, let's talk about why called aluminum profile equipment, look at the name we should be better understanding, in fact, it is the production of all the equipment of aluminum profiles collectively, what exactly is the need for aluminum profile equipment? So we're going to start with the production process. Aluminum Extrusions equipment The production of aluminum profiles is made by casting, extruding, heat treatment and surface treatment of four processes.

1. Casting Preparation:

The process includes the main processes of batching, smelting, casting, and heat, and forming a certain chemical composition and shape dimension of ingot. Prepared raw materials, smelting in a gas stove or electric furnace. After melting the melt through the static furnace, flow trough, flow plate, Aluminum Extrusions equipment filter until the mold, and then water cooling, to form a certain shape of the ingot. In order to ensure the smooth surface of the ingot, using the magnetic casting or hot top casting method, the Multimode (multiple Crystallizer) casting. The casting ingot is hot, the metallographic microstructure of the casting state is homogenized, Aluminum Extrusions equipment and the main strengthening phase dissolves. The heat is in soaking pits. The heat increases the plasticity of the ingot, improves the extrusion speed, prolongs the life of the extrusion die and improves the surface quality of the extruded profile.

2. Extrusion Molding:

Extrusion molding is carried out in a automatic production lines, such as heating, extruding, cooling, straightening, sawing and so on. Aluminum Extrusions equipment The equipment on the production line, including induction heating furnace, extruding machine, stove, discharging conveyor, profile lifting transfer device, cooling bed, tension straightener, storage table, tractor, sawing machine, etc. The heating temperature of ingot is generally controlled in 400℃~520℃, the temperature is too high or too low will directly affect the extrusion molding. The extruder generally uses a single action hydraulic press, its tonnage is between 1200 tons ~2500 ton. Extruder diameter size, with the size of the extruder tonnage change, extruder tonnage is large, the diameter of the extrusion cylinder is also large. The diameter of the extruded cylinder is generally within the 150mm~300mm range. The working temperature of the extruding tool is 360℃~460℃ and the extrusion speed is m/min~80m/min. Extrusion tools mainly include molds. The extrusion die is divided into flat, split, tongue and shunt modular according to its structural characteristics. The production of aluminum alloy door and window profiles of multiple use of flat and shunt modular. The discharging table receives the extruded profile from the extruder and transitions the profile to the discharging worktable. The discharging worktable is mostly the transverse strip transportation model, its cross bar movement speed and the extrusion speed synchronization. The cooling bed is a step beam, the following installed a considerable number of fans to ensure that the profile evenly cooled, Aluminum Extrusions equipment so that the profile before the straightening temperature of less than 70 ℃. The tension straightener is provided with a torsion jaw, which can be straightened by twisting and correcting edges. After the tension straightener is the storage table, to the sawing machine Workbench to provide profiles, sawing machines according to the fixed ruler sawing profiles.

3. Heat Treatment:

Al-Mg-si aluminum alloy used in aluminum alloy profile is an aluminum alloy which can be strengthened. Through different quenching and aging system, the mechanical properties of the profiles are obtained. The aluminum alloy profile is the RCS supply state, i.e. heat treatment is rapid cooling and artificial aging after high temperature forming.

4. Surface Treatment:

Aluminum alloy profile Surface treatment, most of the use of anodic oxidation, so that the surface of the profile silver. The surface treatment can enhance the appearance of the profile and prolong the service life of the aluminum profile. Anodic oxidation process: Loading → degreasing → washing → alkali leaching → warm washing → cold water washing → neutralization light → washing → anodizing → cold water washing → warm washing → sealing hole → drying → unloading → finished inspection → packaging aluminum door and window profile anodic oxidation film thickness not less than 10μm. The surface treatment of aluminum alloy profile can also be treated with coloring. Other color aluminum profiles can be obtained by natural oxidation coloring method, Aluminum Extrusions equipment electrolytic coloring method and impregnation coloring method.

So does the aluminum profile device have anything to do with the extruder?

Look at the above process introduction you should have seen such a sentence. "The production of aluminum profile, is to be through the ingot preparation, extrusion molding, heat treatment and surface treatment of four processes." The squeeze molding in this sentence, when it comes to the extruder, it plays a very important role in the process of producing aluminum profiles. Then the aluminum profile equipment includes the extruder, Aluminum Extrusions equipment also need energy-efficient long rod hot shear Furnace, (single, double door) aluminum profile aging furnace, automatic production line aluminum, aluminum profile hydraulic sawing machine, aluminum straightening machines, traction machines, aluminum rod hot shears, infrared mold heating furnace. The perfect combination of these aluminum profiles will produce the aluminum profiles we need.