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Aluminum Production Equipment Has A High Production Efficiency

Aug 10, 2017

The choice of aluminum equipment should consider the following:

(1) Select the form of aluminum type equipment according to the determined production plan and the requirements of the production process. According to the production program to select the corresponding supporting aluminum equipment, such as pipe production, rod production, Aluminum Extrusions equipment online coiling billet production program. In accordance with the requirements of the process to choose the process to adapt to the aluminum equipment, such as the oxidation of copper and copper alloy can be used water seal extrusion method, Aluminum Extrusions equipment a variety of coated Ba material extrusion can be used hydrostatic extrusion method, Need to obtain the length of several thousand meters or even tens of thousands of meters of roll products can be used Conform continuous extrusion process and so on.

(2) According to the product variety, specifications, performance and quality requirements to choose aluminum equipment. If the size of the tonnage of the extruder is selected, Aluminum Extrusions equipment the size of the billet and the size of the extruded cylinder are determined according to the range of the extruded or intermediate blank specifications and the required degree of deformation is taken into account, The tonnage of the press. In addition, Aluminum Extrusions equipment according to different varieties, specifications and quality requirements to determine the form of extruder.

(3) According to the aluminum process equipment, process performance, structural characteristics and the rational choice between the equipment selection of aluminum equipment. Different performance and structural characteristics determine the different uses of the extruder. Aluminum equipment selection must take into account the rational allocation and balance between the main equipment in order to give full play to the equipment capacity, Aluminum Extrusions equipment access to higher production efficiency. Aluminum Extrusions equipment Generally do not allow the main equipment capacity can not keep up with the phenomenon caused by downtime.

(4) must consider the aluminum equipment, mechanization, automation requirements. In order to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce consumption, reduce costs, improve the quality of extruded products, aluminum equipment, mechanization and automation requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, in the conditions permitting, the choice of aluminum equipment, Aluminum Extrusions equipment as far as possible the use of advanced technology and equipment. The choice must be investigated and demonstrated through the production practice and confirmed the advanced technology and reliability, and should have the production in the production to achieve the possible conditions can not be blindly adopted. In addition, Aluminum Extrusions equipment the choice of aluminum equipment to meet the existing requirements of the conditions, but also consider leaving room for development, regardless of this will result in backward and passive situation, especially for the introduction of aluminum equipment should pay attention The

(5) must consider the aluminum equipment in the choice of a better economic effect:

1) In the case of standard aluminum equipment and general aluminum equipment, try to choose standard equipment and general equipment. Especially in the introduction of aluminum equipment to consider the localization of spare parts of the problem, which improve economic efficiency, the use of results and shorten the time to install the equipment are good.

2) In the absence of reference standards and general equipment, Aluminum Extrusions equipment should be considered easy to manufacture, Aluminum Extrusions equipment cheap and other factors, according to the technical requirements of a reasonable aluminum equipment technical parameters.

3) Considering the civil engineering design conditions of the factory and the existing water, electricity, wind and gas conditions, as well as the average temperature and humidity conditions of winter and summer factories, put forward reasonable aluminum equipment design requirements.

Advantages of aluminum equipment

1. Increased production efficiency by more than 40%, effectively reducing labor costs by more than 60%;

2. Very suitable for ultra-thin saw blade, effectively reduce the sawing loss of more than 37.5%;

3. High precision, cost-effective, compared with the same performance equipment, the price is cheaper than 60%.

Aluminum Profile Features:

1, a single cut 16-24, the daily output of more than 30,000, Aluminum Extrusions equipment more efficient than conventional automatic angle machine to improve more than 3 times.

Corner cutting accuracy is stable within ± 0.1mm

2, simple operation, can be replaced by manual cutting, plus tail after the tail can be controlled within 5mm.

3, horizontal guide into the knife, with the use of ultra-thin blade, Aluminum Extrusions equipment saving you 1282 yuan a day for you.