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Aluminum Equipment Has A High Processing Accuracy

Oct 27, 2017

Aluminum products are mainly used for the final hardening of finished products, aluminum type more, from the structure of single door, two doors, material car manual and mobile; from the heating method of fuel, gas and electric heating; mainly for aluminum Profile aging process, the use of temperature 260 ℃, Aluminum Extrusions equipment but also can be used to meet the temperature of the drying, sintering and other processes. Note: production capacity can be designed according to customer needs

The aluminum shaft of the aluminum type equipment adopts the brand high frequency electric spindle, which has the characteristics of compact structure, high mechanical efficiency, Aluminum Extrusions equipment low noise and small vibration. Mainly used in heavy-duty high-speed profile drilling, milling, slotting, tapping and other processing. Fixture through the precision track positioning, positioning accuracy, and positioning of the location and fixture width can be adjusted. Machinable materials: industrial aluminum, aluminum building materials, aluminum, Aluminum Extrusions equipment solar frame profiles, aluminum curtain wall frame profiles

Aluminum equipment technical characteristics:

1, for a variety of steel structure of industrial profiles, aluminum profiles of the installation hole, water tank, keyhole, hole and other processing processes.

2, the use of high-quality imported computer numerical control system, has a good user interface.

3, the use of high-power vector full closed-loop spindle, Aluminum Extrusions equipment in the heavy cutting load can be precise speed control and peak performance.

4, equipped with professional CAM processing software, intuitive programming system to make complex processing simple and intuitive.

5, the main components of the machine using precision casting, structural stability, Aluminum Extrusions equipment high rigidity to ensure equipment durability.

6, the use of turret-type large-capacity knife library, greatly improving the efficiency of automatic tool change.

7, a clamping can be completed drilling, milling, chamfering, Aluminum Extrusions equipment rigid tapping and other processing processes.

8, with a protective device, fully protect the operator's personal safety.

9, the use of automatic positioning and clamping system.

10, the use of imported high-quality AC servo motor, ball screw, linear slide and electrical accessories to ensure that the equipment has a high processing accuracy.

In addition, aluminum profiles are non-ferromagnetic: aluminum is non-ferromagnetic, Aluminum Extrusions equipment which is an important feature for the electrical industry and the electronics industry. Aluminum is not spontaneous combustion, which involves loading and unloading or contact with flammable and explosive materials applications It is important.