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Aluminum Equipment For A Variety Of Machinery

Jun 08, 2017

Aluminum profile equipment: bracket electrophoresis GB national industrial aluminum production, sealing plate made of acrylic glass.

Uses: Suitable for all kinds of machinery, equipment, frame shell.

Aluminum equipment advantages:

1. Wide range of applications: for a variety of machinery, automation equipment coat;

2. Convenient construction: modular and multi-functional, without complex design and processing, Aluminum Extrusions equipment you can quickly build the ideal mechanical equipment coat.

3. beautiful and practical: light and high rigidity, simple and beautiful appearance.

4. Extensibility: Unique groove design, the installation of components, no need to remove the profile can be installed in any position nut screw, modified equipment is simple and quick.

From the wear rules of aluminum equipment that the longer the normal wear and tear, aluminum equipment, the better the use of equipment. In other words, to make the use of aluminum equipment in the use of the best results, it is necessary to make the normal wear and tear period is equal to the natural life of the device. Thus, Aluminum Extrusions equipment it can be drawn that a basic concept is that the equipment in the production after use, I hope it is available in the use of the more time the better.

Equipment utilization effect of the time available level is determined by the equipment downtime maintenance time. The greater the downtime of the equipment, the less time to work, the lower the availability of time; on the other hand, the higher the time available. Aluminum Extrusions equipment Our ideal is that the time required for the equipment is 100%.

What equipment does aluminum processing equipment need?

First of all, we have to talk about why the aluminum equipment, look at the name we should be better understood, in fact, it is the production of aluminum all the equipment collectively, what exactly what aluminum equipment? Then we have to start from the production process. The production of aluminum is to go through the ingot preparation, Aluminum Extrusions equipment extrusion molding, heat treatment and surface treatment of four processes.

1. Casting preparation:

The process includes ingredients, melting, casting, soaking and other major processes, the formation of a certain chemical composition and size of the ingot. Prepare a good raw material, smelting in a gas stove or electric stove. After melting the melt through the furnace, flow tank, flow plate, filter until the mold, and then water-cooled, the formation of a certain shape of the ingot. In order to ensure that the ingot surface smooth, the use of magnetic casting or hot roof casting method, multi-mode (multi-mold) casting. Ingredients are soaked, is to make the casting state of the metallographic organization homogenization, so that the main strengthening phase dissolved. Aluminum Extrusions equipment Soaking is carried out in a soaking furnace. The soot improves the plasticity of the ingot, helps to increase the extrusion speed, extend the life of the extrusion die, and improve the surface quality of the extruded profile.

2. Extrusion:

Extrusion is carried out in an automatic production line consisting of ingot heating, extrusion, cooling, tension straightening, sawing and so on. Equipment on the production line, including induction heating furnace, extruder, baking table, discharge conveyor, profile lifting transfer device, cooling bed, tension straightening machine, storage table, traction machine, sawing machine. The heating temperature of the ingot is generally controlled at 400 ℃ ~ 520 ℃, the temperature is too high or too low will directly affect the extrusion molding. Extruder generally use single-action hydraulic machine, the tonnage of 1200 tons to 2500 tons. Aluminum Extrusions equipment Extruder extruder tube diameter size, with the size of the extruder tonnage changes, extruder tonnage, extrusion cylinder diameter is also large. Extrusion cylinder diameter is generally in the range of 150mm ~ 300mm. Extrusion tool operating temperature of 360 ℃ ~ 460 ℃, extrusion speed 20 m / min ~ 80m / min. Extrusion tools mainly include molds. Extrusion die according to the structural characteristics of the mold is divided into, split-mode, tongue-shaped mold and split die. Production of aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles multi - purpose die and shunt combination die. The discharge station receives the extruded profile from the extruder and transfers the profile to the discharge table. Out of the table are mostly horizontal bar transport models, the bar movement speed and extrusion speed synchronization. Cooling bed for the walking beam, the following installation of a considerable number of fans, to ensure uniform cooling profiles, so that the profile before the straightening temperature below 70 ℃. Tension straight machine with a twist jaw, you can twist the correction side of the stretch straightening. Tension straight machine is the storage station, Aluminum Extrusions equipment to the saddle table to provide profiles, sawing sawing by cutting the profile.

3. Heat treatment:

Aluminum alloy profiles used aluminum magnesium silicon aluminum alloy, is to strengthen the aluminum alloy. Through different quenching and aging system, so that the profile should be the mechanical properties. Aluminum alloy profiles for the RCS supply state, that is, heat treatment for high temperature molding after rapid cooling and artificial aging.

4. Surface treatment:

Aluminum alloy surface treatment, mostly using anodized, so that the profile of the surface for the silver-white. Surface treatment can enhance the appearance of profiles and extend the life of aluminum profiles. Anodizing process: loading → degreasing → washing → alkaliing → warm water washing → cold water washing → medium and light → washing → anodizing → cold water washing → warm water washing → sealing → drying → unloading → finished product inspection → packaging Aluminum doors and windows profiles anodized oxide film thickness of not less than 10μm. Aluminum alloy surface treatment, can also be coloring. Other colors of aluminum, Aluminum Extrusions equipment can be natural oxidation coloring method, electrolytic coloring method and impregnation coloring method to obtain.

Read the above process you should see this sentence "aluminum production, is to go through the ingot preparation, extrusion molding, heat treatment and surface treatment of four processes." The squeeze in this sentence is about the extruder, and it plays a very important role in the production of aluminum. And then aluminum equipment in addition to including the extruder, but also the need for energy efficient long rod thermal shear furnace, (single, double open door) aluminum profile furnace, aluminum automatic production line, aluminum hydraulic finished sawing machine, aluminum straightening machine, Machine, aluminum rod thermal shear, infrared mold furnace. These aluminum products will be the perfect combination together, with the perfect match to produce the aluminum we need.